10 Things You Should Know Before Quitting Your Job To Travel The World


10 Things You Should Know Before Quitting Your Job To Travel The World

So, I’ve come home. I’ve returned to Portland, Oregon. The place I lived before I started my 3 year and 3 month journey around the world. During my journey, I visited most of the countries in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mexico (most based out of San Miguel de Allende), Guatemala, Costa Rica, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Greece, England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Iceland. click here for more


50 Best Places to Travel in 2017

Angra dos Reis, RJ, BrazilNow is the time to start planning you travel for 2017. Here is a list of the of the Best 50  Places to Travel in 2017 By Travel & Leisure

Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Brazil’s visa waiver during the Olympics was a success for one big reason: it encouraged travel beyond the big cities. The tourism board hopes to bring back the waiver, and if you’re planning to take advantage, save time to visit Angra dos Reis, between Rio and São Paulo. This popular Brazilian vacation area is where cariocas go to escape the crowds. “It’s where many of the country’s elite have their beach villas,” Click for more

Travel Insurance

7 Travel Insurance Tips for Backpackers


We all know that travel disasters can happen to anyone, and we won’t bore you with the horror stories that backpacker travelers have shared with us, but you should know that backpackers face a few risks that other travelers don’t. Therefore, the travel insurance needs of backpackers is a little different than the typical traveler.

Here are 7 important travel insurance tips for backpackers to keep safe and healthy while on the road… Read More About It

The Holiday Season is Approaching Fast Here Are some Tips

Top 10 Survival Tips for Holiday Travel

Wherever you’re heading, if you’re traveling during the holiday season, you need to realize that everyone else in the world is, too. But don’t let invasive security scanners, terrible drivers and long lines at airports get you down. We’re giving you tips to survive the holiday travel season without a Frosty the Snowman-size meltdown. ReadMore

A Caribbean Experience with a French Twist on Martinique


Like the idea of a luxury Caribbean experience with a distinctly French twist? Look no further than Martinique. Martinique is the northernmost of the Windward group of islands in the Caribbean, a member of the French West Indies and one of many islands that make up the group of Lesser Antilles, often referred to as the ‘Breezy Islands’. This charming tropical island has a … [Read more…]

What You Don’t Know About TripAdvisor

How the World’s Largest Travel Monopoly Ultimately Hurts Travelers & Small Businesses

It’s no secret that most travelers will eventually end up on TripAdvisor when planning their vacation. It has become the Google of the travel world, where people go for honest, unbiased reviews of hotels, restaurants, sights and activities by fellow travelers. Except the information on TripAdvisor is anything but honest and unbiased, and it’s only getting worse. If you’ve only seen the good side of TripAdvisor, be prepared to swallow the red pill.

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Survey: Most LGBT Travelers Won’t Visit Places Where Homosexuality is Illegal

A survey recently conducted online by LGBT-friendly travel service OutOfOffice.com and Attitude Magazine revealed that 61% of LGBT individuals would not feel comfortable visiting a destination where homosexuality is illegal.

According to OutOfOffice.com, homosexuality is still illegal in more than 70 countries around the world. That puts a lot of restrictions on LGBT travelers.

READ MORE: What are The Most Gay-Friendly Destinations?

10 Best Cruise Lines for Solo Travelers

First things first: There’s no need to pity those who make the choice to cruise alone. The liberation of a solo cruise, of not having to be responsible for anyone’s pleasure but your own, allows you to appreciate the experience on an entirely different level than when you’re with a friend, spouse or family member. How often are you able to make your our own vacation choices, able to amble and contemplate life on your own terms?

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5 Ways to Stretch Your Travel Budget With Freebies and Discounts

Whether they’re attending conferences, meeting with clients or trying to land investment dollars, traveling is a way of life for many professionals. Many growing businesses have limited travel budgets that make it a burden to hop on a plane every time the need arises. Even if you only travel when you’re confident it will bring a substantial ROI, you can still find yourself spending too much on airline tickets, rental cars and hotel rooms.

There are a few time-tested tricks you can use to make the trips you need without blowing your operating budget. Over time, you may find that these lead you to even more freebies that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

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