Tips for Traveling Solo at 25

I quit the grind of my full time job, stored all my belongings in my parent’s basement and booked a one-way ticket to Europe. I put faith in the fact that all my savings and some loans would work themselves out, cried into wine glasses saying goodbye to my friends, family and cat, and packed a scarily huge backpack of essentials. At the airport, I sat at the gate repeating my mantra, “It’s happening. You’re traveling alone like you’ve always wanted to. It’s going to be life changing and totally cool. You’re a strong, independent woman. You got this.” I was beyond terrified.

Ten weeks, ten countries, planes, trains, ferries, hostels, couches and millions of steps later, I feel more clear-headed, confident and overall so much happier about life and myself. There’s something about traveling alone that puts everything into perspective and makes you realize you’re capable of fantastic things. For any fellow wanderlusts planning to take the plunge and roll solo, here are a few things you can expect along the way.

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